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Why .io?

Posted by Lucas Schlager on Mar 12, 2014 3:57:19 PM

People commonly ask why Pristine uses a .io domain instead of .com. Why .io? After all, .io technically stands for Indian Ocean. As a company based out of Austin, TX, Pristine has nothing to do with with the Indian Ocean.

We would have adopted Pristine.com, but it was already taken. But we really loved the name Pristine. It represented everything we wanted the business to be - Seamless. Pure. Handsfree. Sterile. Free to just interact with patients, and nothing else. Pristine was too perfect to pass up.

Many startups are adopting the .io domain because .io also stands for "input output" in technology circles. Although we're not selling into technology circles, we felt that the name "Pristine input output" was appropriate. As a communication tool, our technologies facilitate pristine input and output of information.

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