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Aligning Your Organization to Achieve Success

Manage Perceptions, Overcome Resistance

Change in Business - Friend or Foe?

What is the ROI of Mobile Computing?

When Should You Inspect On-Site or Remote?

Business Transformation Hinges on People, not Technology

Five Use Cases for Streaming Video in P&C Insurance

Nine Reasons TIC Firms Should Invest in Smartglasses in 2016, Part Two

Nine Reasons TIC Firms Should Invest in Smartglasses in 2016, Part One

The Case for Centralized Customer Contact

Technology, Millennials, and the Field Service Brain Drain

Getting smart…Why the future of field service may lie in smart glasses (part two)

The Elephant In The Room

Getting smart…Why the future of field service may lie in smart glasses (part one)

Understanding the Optics of Augmented Reality

The Strengths and Weaknesses of HLS in Real-Time Communications

What Infrastructure Do Manufacturers Need To Implement Servitization?

Modernizing Power Plant Construction Practices: How to Guarantee Results on Time and on Budget

How Can Field Service Organizations Reconcile The Incompatible Business Models of Yesteryear?

New Technology Enables April Fools To See Into The Future

Field Service Organizations Are Burdened With Incompatible Business Models

How to Maximize Jet Flight Time Without Sacrificing the Health of the Aircraft

Smart Devices Power Smart Support: The Mobile and Wearable Revolution in Medical Devices

Smart Glasses Will be the Internet's Portal to the Physical, Hands-On World

Vuzix Partners with Pristine to Optimize Smart Glass Technology for Enterprises

The Technology Hype Lifecycle: Google Glass Edition

Wearables Aren’t About Wearables

Can Life Sciences Companies Evolve to Accountable Care?

A Sea Change for the Medical Device Industry

What Does the Future Hold for Google Glass?

In Defense Of Google Glass

Google Glass Startup Pristine Eyes Health Market

Google Glass in Healthcare Is Here to Stay

Watches Are For Consumers, Glasses Are For The Enterprise

Looking At Field Service Through Google Glass

3 Little Known Features Of Google Glass

5 Reasons Google Glass Will Revolutionize Your Industry

Pristine Featured at AWS re:Invent 2014

Are Physicians Forever Destined to be Slaves to Desktop Computers?

The Pristine Story: Glass Certified Partners!

The Pristine Story: Venturing Forth

The Pristine Story: TEDMED Edition

Aligning Incentives Across Disparate P&Ls

If You Can't Beat Them, Fund Them

How Can We Address the Supply-Demand Imbalance for Neurologists?

The Pristine Story: Dog Days of Summer

Why Are Telemedicine Solutions So Expensive?

The Health Insurance Demand Problem

You Better Stay Healthy, Or Else...

Understanding Apple Health

You Get What You Ask For

The Nurse Will See You Now

Happy Mother's Day! Telemedicine Edition

The Pristine Story: Springing Ahead

Healthcare Entrepreneurship-as-a-Service

The Feds Are Supporting Telemedicine

Welcome To Telehealth Through Google Contacts

Why Is It So Difficult To Reduce The Cost Of Care?

Rhode Island Hospital launches country’s first Google Glass study in emergency department

Why Telehealth?

The Fundamental Challenge of ACOs

The Pristine Story: Planting Seeds For Growth

One Small Wink For Man, One Giant Head Nod For Mankind

The Irony Of Healthcare Standards

Why .io?

What Every Clinician Should Know Before Buying Google Glass

Adopting The Right UX Perspective

The Pristine Story: Pivot. Revenue!

Why Will Medical Professionals Use Laptops?

Unlocking The Power Of Data Science In Healthcare

Do You Happen To Life Or Does Life Happen To You?

How Much Of The Healthcare Business is Healthcare?

What is Passion?

Overcoming the Challenge of CheckLists: Access

Google Glass is Fueling Telemedicine Innovation

Communication is a Means to an End

The Pristine Story: The Fun Begins

What Makes Us Tick: Curiosity

New Year's Resolutions 2014

Speak Freely

Your PR Agency is Probably Robbing You

Why Pristine?

The Great Re-Bundling of Healthcare, Part 2

More, More, More - Make More Stuff

The Great Re-Bundling of Healthcare

Stay Home

Who's Eating Healthcare?

Anesthesiologists are Moving up the Value Chain

Tackling the Top Patient Safety Issues of 2014 Through Pristine Glass

How We Recruit Talent

Computers Are Eating Healthcare, Part 2

The Pristine Story: Heads Down Through The Holidays

What Does the Future of Medical Process Control Look Like Through Glass?

What does the Future of Medical Communication Look Like Through Google Glass?

Interview with Alexis Savvy

The Pristine Story: Out of the Dark

Learning from the Smartphone Era: Building Consumer Glass Businesses

The Marginal Value of the Smartphone

Watch Pristine Launch Live at DEMO!

The Pristine Story: Fall Mayhem Begins

The Marginal Value of Google Glass, Continued, Continued

The Pristine Story: The Calm Before the Storm

A Killer Mass Market Consumer App for Glass?

The Killer Apps for Glass

The Pristine Story: Building Infrastructure

The Pristine Story: Sprinting a Marathon

The Enterprise Glass App Gold Rush

Passwords be Gone!

The Challenge of Developing Engaging Consumer Apps on Glass

The Challenge of Developing Contextual Consumer Apps on Glass

The Price of Glass

The Cost of Wearing Glass

The Pristine Story: Peeking out of the Shadows

The Pristine Story: Launch!

Glass Insights: Input-Output

Choice Be Damned

You Don't Need Instagram on Your Face

The Economics of Google Glass in Healthcare

Glass for [Hobby]

The Defining Characteristic of Eyeware Computers: Transparency

Context is King in Eyeware Computing

Eyeware Computers Circumvent Logging In

Launching the Pristine.io blog!